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Beaverton Bakery Holiday Window Display

I was so thrilled when our local FAMOUS bakery, Beaverton Bakery asked me to do the window display at the bakery for the holiday season.  All sorts of ideas came to mind!  I thought, I should get onto Pinterest and use that resource.  (Boy it would have been nice to have Pinterest back in the 80’s in Design school!)


I came up with some great ideas.  The bakery wanted to help me promote my business, so I wanted to use items that are available to purchase at the shop.  Some of the items are also from my personal collection.  I got out my glue gun and needle and made some ribbon candy ornaments and a gum drop tree.  Also crafted are the chenille candy canes on the tree!

If you are in Beaverton, be sure to stop at the bakery and pick out any  of the awesome treats for the holidays.  They have great decorated cut out cookies.  My favorite is the Santa! You might enjoy the vintage holiday decorations in the window too!


Happy Holidays to all from Peonies!image image image image


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