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A Classic Novel- “Gone With the Wind “

image An epic novel since it was published in 1936 and a 10 time Academy Award winning movie in 1939!   In January 2014, I flew to Atlanta to shop at the Atlanta gift Market.  I posted about that experience in January.  One of the best parts of the trip was getting a tour down Peachtree street.  Peachtree is the street where Margaret Mitchell’s house still is and where Scarlett lived with Aunt Pitty while she was in Atlanta.  The driver then took us into the city gave us a great history of Peachtree and Ms. Mitchell.  I became so fascinated that I decided to read the book. I found a copy and began to read, I was so intrigued  with the life that the plantation families lead and then how they were destroyed by death, fire and the loss of cotton, in which they made their living.  Scarlett learned a huge lesson during her journey of the Civil War and how life affected her after the war.  She did, lie, cheat, steal and kill to survive.  She also learned how the most important people in her life affected her decisions and who really loved her!  She knew that Tara, the family plantation home always held the answer. After I finished the book, I knew that I had to see the movie.  So I got on-line and I found a copy on DVD.  This year of 2014 is the 75th anniversary of the movie. My friend Lynette, who I traveled to Atlanta with suggested that we watch the movie together.  We made deviled eggs, peach cobbler and had fried chicken and coleslaw  while we watched the movie.  Lynette even wore a fun hat!  I have gone twice to Pittypat’s Porch restaurant in Atlanta.  Great Southern hospitality, decor, and awesome food!  A must see destination in Atlanta! The movie was epic and I can see why it earned 10 Academy Awards.  The characters were awesome.  Lynette gave me some background on Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable.  Vivian Leigh was a British actress and most people thought she should not have been cast as an American heroine.  Clark was a huge star in 1939 and was perfect for the starring role opposite Vivian Leigh! I had so much fun these last few weeks reading the book and now watching the movie.  Now I need to get back to Atlanta and check out more about the city!


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