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What is a Peony and why are they part of my shop?

What is a Peony?

It is the fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers, a rare fusion of fluff and majesty. Per Teleflora, the Peony is the official symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower. Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

This photo was taken in my dining room and the beautiful Peonies are from my garden.  When I decided to open a antique store, it was hard to chose a good name.  All I could think about was my all time favorite flower, peonies.  Then it was even harder to figure out what would sound good with peonies.  At first I came up with Peonies and Popsicles, but that wasn’t right.  Several day later it hit me, Peonies & Possibilities!  The peonies are my favorite flower and the possibilities describes to a tee what you can find at my shop.


2 comments on “What is a Peony and why are they part of my shop?

  1. Jerry Robinson
    September 2, 2014

    This article is pretty good to read. Excellent!!
    Thanks for sharing, can I post it on my Twitter to share with my families?

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