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Beautiful Blue glass-I so love it!

Turquoise GlassimageimageHave you ever just loved one of your collections so much, that every time you see something even close you just have to buy it? Well turquoise or blue glassware is mine. I would even say that this is one of my newer collections. I have collected milk glass and Patriotic items for years, and I still love them! It is something about turquoise that I cannot help but love.  I think it is the light that each piece catches that is attractive.

I have asked myself so many times,  what do I do with these?  So I began to  display them in vignettes that I have in the Spring and Summer that I incorporate through out the house along with sea shells and beach items.  I just recently picked up an old book titled ” Animals of the Seashore”.  The cover is this pretty pale green blue and it has beautiful pictures of crabs, star fish and lobsters on it.  The book will be a great conversation piece and accent the blue glass well.

For the Spring I also put flower cuttings from outside in the vases and I also put candy in them.  I guess I have figured out why I like my newest collection so much!


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